What is the N8 AgriFood Urban Agriculture Cluster?

The future-face of the N8 Agrifood Urban Agriculture cluster seeks to reflect the changing landscape of agricultural practices and policies in the UK. Urban agriculture has the potential to play an increasingly important role for urban food security and sustainability offering alternative practices, business and social models for food production, supply and consumption.

As we look ahead to the challenges recently posed by climate change and the related policy motivations such as those suggested by the Committee on Climate Change (e.g. Net Zero Carbon by 2050) the N8 Agrifood Urban Agriculture Cluster looks to develop, share and integrate knowledge across the North of England in particular linking urban & controlled environment agriculture sectors by interfacing between academic researchers and UK businesses.

Partnerships will be built on, across a diverse selection of subject areas including: advanced sensing, photobiology, crop genetics, system component and substrate design, life cycle analysis, integration of local and regional food chains, consumer perception, nutrition and health and government policy.

The cluster aims to explore interdisciplinary and translational challenge-based research across four key innovation themes:


1) emerging technology and innovation,

2) current farming practises including demand and delivery,

3) society and health,

d) agricultural technology business and economics


Cluster activities will involve the production of quarterly newsletters and Bus trips to related organisations and businesses. To sign up to receive the Urban Agriculture Cluster newsletters or details of upcomming events please email caroline.wilcock@n8agrifood.ac.uk. Alternatively see the Related Posts section at the bottom of this page for the latest news and event information from the Urban Agriculture Cluster.

Read about the Urban Agriculture sessions held during N8 AgriFood’s 2019 Annual Conference HERE.


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