Students invited to latest in PhD Seminar Series

PhD Students across the N8 universities are invited to learn about the world of scientific publishing in the latest of N8 AgriFood’s Doctoral Training Seminar Series.


On Thursday 11th April, Durham University will host a series of talks, a workshop, a panel discussion and networking opportunities a part of its seminar, which features editorial speakers from two high impact factor ranked journals; New Phytologist and Cell Reports.

The event is part of a unique series of informal, interdisciplinary workshops across the N8 universities (Durham, Lancaster, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield and York) for PhD students from both the natural and social sciences.

The Durham seminar is the fourth in the series overall, and offers students the opportunity to network with their peers across the N8 universities, develop skills in scientific writing, learn more about the peer review process and the roles of editors and referees, reflect on publishing ethics and learn about careers in scientific publishing.

The seminar series returned for 2019 last month when the University of Manchester welcomed students from across all of N8’s institutions for its seminar on Precision Agriculture, Remote Sensing and Autonomous Robotics for Agriculture & Food.

The event, which attracted an audience of more than 30 students from a range of disciplines, saw a lineup of speakers from both research and industry talked about their own experiences and career paths, highlighting the multidisciplinary opportunities of working with technology.