The Global Food Security programme launched a major interdisciplinary research programme “Resilience of the UK Food System in a Global Context” (GFS-FSR). Co-designed by funders and stakeholders, it aims to help policymakers and practitioners  optimise the resilience of the UK’s food system to environmental, biological, economic, social and geopolitical shocks.

This programme has funded 13 projects, 5 of which can be attributed to N8 AgriFood.  It aims to support truly interdisciplinary projects that integrate science areas from all of the research councils involved (BBSRC, NERC, ESRC, and Scottish Government) in order to provide the evidence base to underpin the UK’s strategic approach to food security and create a more resource efficient and resilient food system in a changing world. Programme outcomes will influence how we monitor, manage and mitigate short and long term risks to resilience of the food system and provide tools and interventions for increased stability.

Visit the GFS-FSR website for further details and click on the cards below for more information on each of the 5 N8 AgriFood projects.