The N8 AgriFood programme is developing and projecting the North of England as a world-leading research and innovation resource by tackling the significant uncertainty in food systems.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted major challenges around the capacity of domestic food production and supply chain efficiencies, as well as the need to build diversity and collaboration in food systems for resilience and recovery.

In addition, the UK’s future relationship with the European Union implies a major overhaul of the system of tariffs, subsidies and income support mechanisms that have defined farming and food policy for the past four decades.

These regulatory changes, alongside population, market, consumer, dietary, climate and environmental impacts occurring at a global level, demand multidisciplinary approaches to understand and address key agrifood challenges.

Tackling complex challenges

N8 AgriFood has a unique capacity to tackle these complex challenges and instigate transformational change in our regional, national and global food systems. Due to the scale of our collaborations, we connect key stakeholders across the sector including industry, government, small to medium businesses, non-governmental organisations and charities.

We aim to generate new and critical knowledge by targeting funding opportunities, which allow us to leverage our ability to bring together the best people across various disciplines from the 8 most research intensive universities in the North of England.

This interdisciplinary approach is one of our key strengths. It sets us apart and provides a competitive platform for securing vital opportunities to change the food system. Click on the images below to find out more.

Our research activities

Our policy, innovation and international work

The focus of our work