The Centre for Genomic Research

The Centre for Genomic Research (CGR) at the University of Liverpool is provides access to multiplatform genomic sequencing and array technologies with particular applications to agri-tech, biotechnology and human and veterinary medicine. The CGR is equipped with state-of- the-art next generation and 3rd generation sequencing platforms. Coupled with complementary robotics, sequence capture and array capabilities, it offers optimum, tailor-made solutions across a wide range of biological applications. Its diverse portfolio of academic research spans:

  • understanding human and animal health and disease
  • crop improvement for food security
  • management of parasites and microbial populations.

See studies/ for the impact of these studies. The CGR is part of CMOS (The Centre for Multi-’Omics and Systems) that focuses integrated research in genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics, synthetic and computational biology on understanding the phenotype at cellular, individual and population levels.

Kathryn Jackson
CGR Centre Manager
Tel: 0151 795 8303