N8 AgriFood has delivered two pump priming schemes to stimulate new collaborations across the N8 universities and across the agri-food sector. We have funded >150 new projects.

The funding schemes are now closed but you can read about them below and see our case studies highlighting some of the research.

Local pump priming
This scheme catalysed new multidisciplinary collaborations across the N8 universities with external agri-food stakeholders. We have funded 147 projects through this scheme. Projects, with budgets of up to £15k, have involved at least two N8 institutions and been instrumental in developing ideas for future funding proposals.

Projects have also led to publications, new collaborative PhD studentships, MSc industry placements, undergraduate internships, dissemination activities and new agri-food stakeholder partnerships.

Strategic pump priming:
Strategic pump priming funds were awarded to 10 projects across the programme. With budgets of up to £30k these multidisciplinary projects have brought together new consortia of N8 researchers and industry/agri-food stakeholders to address key challenges in global food security. The projects have tackled challenges spanning the different themes of the N8 AgriFood programme, have involved multiple disciplines and led to major funding bids for large agri-food projects.

You can read about the projects here.

Please contact us if you would like further information.