Uncontrolled industrial and domestic post-harvest processing can damage food quality and organoleptic characteristics, finally increasing the generation of food waste.

The agendas of agrifood research and policy-making are often determined by a small number of voices, disconnected from the needs of individual, small-scale farmers and consumers. Researchers and policy-makers have tried to address this with participatory processes, but traditional participation methods are very resource-intensive and don’t scale. New digital technologies like crowdsourcing or innovation platforms promise large-scale participation. This project brings together researchers and stakeholders from agrifood and digital media to identify opportunities for such “participation at large” in agrifood research and policy. In particular, the project is interested in importing successes from the global south such as the mobile crowdsourcing platform climmob.net into the North of England.

PI: Sebastian Deterding, University of York (sebastian.deterding@york.ac.uk)