Towards understanding the relationship between food insecurity, socioeconomic status and obesity in families in Northern England

Household food insecurity and obesity appear to be linked. Yet no data exist on food insecurity or its impact on child health in this region, so the problem remains unrecognised in UK policy terms. However, the socioeconomic gradient to obesity and the higher rate of childhood obesity in the north of England (vs. the south) are well established. This project will i) generate new, strategically important preliminary data specific to this region and ii) establish a multidisciplinary research team (Liverpool, Leeds, Sheffield), iii) build collaborations with other N8 institutions and key stakeholders (NGOs, schools, food banks). This will facilitate higher profile collaborations across the full N8 and provide larger trans-disciplinary research teams the platform and pilot data to generate significant funding bids on food insecurity and its role in family health, to explore the determinants and consequences, raise the national policy recognition, and generate practical science and stakeholder lead interventions.

PI: Dr Emma Boyland. University of Liverpool