SATiety INnovation (SATIN)

Obesity is a major public health issue facing Europe and many other parts of the developed world. Its reduction is a public health policy priority.

Why do some foods fill us up quicker than others? Food experts understood that flavour, texture and visual appeal of foods contribute to the sensation of being “full”. The SATIN research project is dedicated to identify which ingredients and processing methods of several food components (proteins, carbohydrates, fats) and categories (bread, fish, dairy etc.) accelerate satiation, suppress appetite and extend satiety until hunger appears again. Satiety-enhancing foods can help with energy intake and weight control.

SATIN – SATiety INnovation is a five year, €6 Mill. EU funded project which aims to develop new food products using the latest processing innovation techniques. Exploiting better understanding of the biological processes in the stomach and the brain that underpin what makes us feel “full”, the project will evaluate whether this approach is a viable weight management tool.

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