N8 AgriFood researchers working to increase resilience of dairy farming

N8 AgriFood researchers from the Universities of Newcastle, Leeds and Liverpool will be working on a major new project that aims to make the UK dairy industry more sustainable and resilient.  

The £1.7M project is being funded by BBSRC, ESRC and NERC, led by Principal Investigator Professor Mark Reed. The researchers will be linking up with Nestle, Business in the Community, the Rivers Trusts, Innovation for Agriculture and 3Keel, with other players in the dairy industry and Government to address issues around social innovation, environmental impact, animal health and farmer income in the post Brexit UK.

Lead Principal Investigator Professor Mark Reed (Newcastle) explained: “The project is about balancing competing demands and pressures in the industry.  We aim to explore innovative ways of making dairy systems better for the natural environment and for farmers’ livelihoods, while maintaining long term supplies for consumers at reasonable prices, at a time of unpredictable challenges like climate change.”