Differentiated resilience in global food systems: a food sovereignty approach

The global food system incorporates smallholders as producers in complex, and overlapping, global supply chains. These chains depend on socio-ecological systems, farming systems and global food regimes. Many chains involve African smallholder farmers who are often disproportionately exposed to environmental, economic and political shocks and stresses. This project investigates differentiated resilience in the global food system by looking at the resilience of the different actors along the chains and within the system. We aim to envision trajectories for desirable change towards food sovereignty, which prioritizes farmers’ agency and voice in building a food system which is both resilient and able to provide culturally appropriate, fair, clean, nutritious food for producers and consumers alike. To develop an interdisciplinary and wide platform for research, we will strengthen our linkages with farmers’ organisations in East Africa in order to co-produce and co-design a research agenda, to lead to future large, co-designed grant proposals.

PI: Dr Anne Tallontire, The University of Leeds
Contact: a.m.tallontire@leeds.ac.uk