Dr Sally Howlett

Dr Sally Howlett

Soil health and plant stress The University of York

Sally’s research background is in sustainable crop production and plant pest management. After working on the control of invertebrate crop pests in New Zealand for several years, she returned to on-farm research in the UK and extended her focus to include the crops themselves taking a whole-systems view and comparing performance under conventional, organic and agroforestry management approaches. Sally’s role within N8 AgriFood provides a great opportunity to use her experience of agriculture and working with different actors across the sector to engage with external stakeholders, co-producing ideas and multi-disciplinary projects with applications throughout the agrifood chain.

Key Research Themes:
Invertebrate pest management (slugs, insects, nematodes); Crop Production (organic, conventional, agroforestry); Plant stress (silicon and endophyte as plant defences)

AgResearch (New Zealand); INRA, ITAB, Gautier semences (France); AIAB, Arcoiris, Universities of Pisa & Perugia (Italy); Agricultural Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences; ESAC & ITQB (Portugal); ICARDA; DTU Risø (Denmark); John Innes Centre & Limagrain (UK); ICARDA (International); FDEA-ART & FiBL (Switzerland); Saatzucht Donau (Austria); IAS (Spain); Mekelle University (Ethiopia); TUM (Germany); Louis Bolk Institute (Netherlands);

Contact Information

Phone: 01904 32 8506

Email: sally.howlett@n8agrifood.ac.uk