Professor John Quinton

Professor John Quinton

N8 AgriFood Academic Lead Lancaster University

John Quinton is Professor of Soil Science at Lancaster University, specialising in soil erosion and sustainability, and the transport of contaminants in overland flow. His passion for soil has led him to spend the last twenty-five years researching the soil erosion processes that degrade soil function, how soils can be better protected, and how they can cause the pollution of surface waters. When he is not deploying soil through the medium of paint to depict the woods and mountains of Lancashire, John has been researching solutions to soil and water protection, investigating the impact of soil management on soil and nutrient losses and the use of wetlands to trap sediment before it reaches surface waters. He has recently completed the Mitigation options for a Phosphorus and Sediment projects (MOPS2), and his more recent papers examine the global linkages between soil erosion and the cycling of nutrients and carbon. John has acted as an evaluator for Defra and the European Commission and is currently Science Secretary of the European Geosciences Union’s Soil System Sciences Division, executive editor of their journal SOIL, and a review panel member for NERC.

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Phone: 01524595009