Professor Angharad Gatehouse

Professor Angharad Gatehouse

N8 AgriFood Academic Lead, Newcastle University Newcastle University

Prof Gatehouse has the Chair of Invertebrate Molecular Biology at Newcastle University. Her research has focussed on the molecular and biochemical bases of plant-pest interactions with a view to developing novel strategies for crop protection. Her group was one of the first to produce insect-resistant transgenic crops. More recently her group has been using functional genomics to better understand the molecular responses of crops to biotic stress (pathogens and insect pests) for the development of molecular markers. In collaboration with Durham University, her group are actively involved in developing novel biopesticides. In addition to their efficacy, the group is also involved in the biosafety of these strategies, notably in terms of their potential effects on beneficial insects such as pollinators and natural enemies. She has published extensively in the field, including in discovery journals. She was ranked 3rd in the world ratings for citations on work on GM crops and awarded an Honorary Doctorate for contributions to Biotechnology (Banat’s University of Agricultural Science and Veterinary Medicine).

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Phone: 01912088838