Dr Neil Boyle

Dr Neil Boyle

Stress, nutrition, cognitive performance and health The University of Leeds

Dr Neil Boyle is a biological psychologist in Human Appetite Research Unit and a member of the Leeds Nutrition and Behaviour Group at the University of Leeds. Neil completed his industrially funded PhD on the relationship between stress, cognitive performance and phospholipid intake in 2014. Since completing his PhD, Neil has conducted industry-linked research related to examining the effects of dietary interventions on cognitive performance and subjective well-being. Neil has also conducted systematic reviews on the relationship between glucose and caffeine and cognitive performance, and the effects of magnesium on subjective anxiety and stress.

Key Research Themes:
The relationship between stress and health, weight, and cognitive performance and the potential for dietary interventions to moderate this relationship.
The effects of diet on academic and behavioural outcomes in school aged children, and healthy ageing in adults.
The relationship between household food insecurity and stress, health, weight, and cognitive performance

Contact Information

Email: n.b.boyle@leeds.ac.uk