Dr Eleonora Morganti

Dr Eleonora Morganti

Senior Research fellow Urban Freight and Logistics The University of Leeds

Eleonora is a senior research fellow in urban freight and food logistics at the Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds. Prior to this, she spent four years in Paris, France as researcher at the Ecoles des Ponts and at the French Institute for Transport. She received her Ph.D. on Policies for Sustainable Development at the University of Bologna in Italy. Over the years, she collaborated with scholars, stakeholders and companies from various countries, including California (Universities of Santa Cruz and Southern California) and Sweden (University of Goteborg).

Eleonora combines research on urban food systems with freight transport policies to promote food security and sustainability in cities. Her particular expertise covers e-commerce and food deliveries, food supply chains and low carbon transport. Some highlights include:

– The impact of ”instant deliveries” (e.g. Deliveroo) on urban food provision and on traffic

– The role of the wholesale produce markets on improving food access in Buenos Aires, Argentina in collaboration with the National Agricultural Institute, INTA