Dr Diogo De Souza Monteiro

Dr Diogo De Souza Monteiro

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Diogo is a senior lecturer in Agribusiness, with expertise in food economics, food marketing, consumer research, food policy, and applied econometrics.

His main research interest and expertise is in understanding how firms and consumers use information to make their decisions. Diogo’s main interest is understanding how information may impact consumer, managers and public agents behaviour. His research program is in applied food economics and marketing. Currently Diogo is focusing on three main lines of inquiry: 1) can information conveyed through mobile technlogies and social media help consumers adopt healthier or more sustainable food choices? 2) How can we ensure compliance with credence quality standards and sustain reputation and trust  in food quality attributes? 3) When can we rely private-public partnerships to deliver food policy goals? In the past Diogo’s work focused on the economics of traceability and supply chain coordination, food safety.

Contact Information

Phone: 0191 208 6886

Email: diogo.souza-monteiro@ncl.ac.uk