Dr Christian Reynolds

Dr Christian Reynolds

Environmental systems modelling The University of Sheffield

Dr Reynolds research examines the social, economic and environmental impacts of food consumption. Over the last 5 years Dr Reynolds has worked on a variety of multi-disciplinary sustainable diet related research projects. These research projects have ranged from the macro: global food consumption and environmental impact modelling, through to the micro: community and household level dietary and sustainability assessment, or individual food based discrete choice experiments.

Dr Reynolds is providing knowledge exchange across Improved Nutrition and Consumer Behaviour, with particular focus on household food insecurity, healthy sustainable diets and food waste.

Key Research Themes:
Food Waste, Food Politics, Life Cycle Assessment, Healthy Sustainable Diets, Ecological Economics, Household Food Insecurity, Sustainable Cookery,
Research Group Link: www.foodfutures.group.sheffield.ac.uk

Contact Information

Phone: 07448934888

Email: c.reynolds@sheffield.ac.uk