’Adapting food supply systems to deliver better resilience while improving nutrition, reducing environmental impacts and sustaining economies fairly’

Global food security exists when people have physical, social and economic access to sufficient safe and nutritious food to maintain active, healthy lives, but globally, achieving food security must also promote sustainable development. This lies at the complex nexus of economic growth, resource demand, environmental sustainability and public health.

The challenge of this theme is to integrate our understanding of food supply networks from food production and supply through to consumption and nutrition to identify and apply innovative practices to adapt the UK’s food supply network.

Professor Steve Banwart

Resilient Supply Chains lead and International

Key Contacts

Dr Manish Shukla

Durham University

Dr Jess Davies

Lancaster University

Professor Lenny Koh

The University of Sheffield

Dr Peter Martin

The University of Manchester

Dr Eleonora Morganti

The University of Leeds

Professor Andrew Lyons

The University of Liverpool

Dr Chris West

The University of York

Dr Diogo De Souza Monteiro

Newcastle University

Knowledge Exchange Fellows

Dr Katerina Psarikidou

Lancaster University

Dr Merisa Thompson

The University of Sheffield

Dr Harry Langford

The University of Sheffield