Official launch of new programme creating world’s first global monitor of the effects of animal disease.

The World Health Organisation has joined The University of Liverpool in hosting the official launch of the Global Burden of Animal Diseases programme.

A webinar attended by more than 300 people saw the launch of the GBADs programme, which sets out to solve global challenges surrounding animal disease, caused by a lack of animal health data and an analysis system to provide systematic information on production losses, expenditure and wider economic impacts of animal disease and health problems. 

The programme was initiated from an N8 AgriFood workshop, and is led by N8 AgriFood’s Chair at The University of Liverpool, Professor Jonathan Rushton.

The webinar celebrated the achievements of the GBADs collaborators to date and showcases the planned work of programme as the rollout phase begins. It was attended by an international audience of 301 people who heard Professor Dame Janet Beer (Vice-Chancellor, University of Liverpool) and Dr Monique Eloit (Director General of the World Organisation for Animal Health, OIE) explain the importance of the GBADs Programme after they had heard Professor Jonathan Rushton (GBADs Director, University of Liverpool) give an overview of its activities.

Watch the launch webinar HERE.

The GBADs programme is working to:

  • Provide information for evidence based investment plans for veterinary services – supporting PVS and Gap Analysis
  • Allow allocation of resources to key social, economic and environmental problems – strengthening PVS outcomes
  • Support high quality evaluation of existing animal health investments demonstrating the value of veterinary services