N8 AgriFood’s Professor Mark Reed awarded Global Food Security research grant

The UK’s Global Food Security Programme is funding £4.9 million of interdisciplinary research to increase resilience and sustainability of the UK food system. Five projects have been awarded funding to ensure greater resilience of the UK’s food supply from global shocks, environmental and demographic changes, and threats posed by pests and diseases

Resilient dairy: socio-technical innovation for dairy resilience and sustainability
Lead PI: Professor Mark Reed, Newcastle University and N8 AgriFood Professor of Socio-Technical Innovation

This project is led by Professor Mark Reed (Newcastle University) with Universities of Leeds and Liverpool, in collaboration with Nestle, Business in the Community, the Rivers Trusts, Innovation for Agriculture, 3Keel and other players in the dairy industry and Government. The research is exploring new ways of to make dairy systems better for the natural environment and farmers’ livelihoods, while maintaining the long-term supply of dairy products at reasonable prices in the face of unpredictable challenges like climate change. The team is doing this by combining the latest natural, social and veterinary science with industry expertise and experiential farmer knowledge, to devise and test innovations that could increase the resilience and sustainability of dairy farming in a rapidly changing world. This £1.5M four-year project is funded by the Research Council’s Global Food Security programme.

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