N8 AgriFood working to establish closer working relationship with NFU

Building close collaborations with industry stakeholders is key to realising the goals of N8 AgriFood. By so doing, we can make sure that end-users of our research are also an integral part of its development and not simply passive recipients of its outcomes.  To help us achieve this we are working with the NFU to establish a closer working relationship with its staff and members so that their needs and practical experience can inform and guide our research.  We want to forge a two-way relationship which will ground our work in the day-to-day reality of the agrifood sector and at the same time allow farmers and stakeholders to benefit more directly from N8 AgriFood research.

NFU Regional Director for the North East, Adam Bedford, says “It has been very encouraging to find we are ‘pushing on an open door’ with this. Researchers have been very receptive to the idea of greater collaboration and hopefully this will come to fruition in the months ahead.”

For more information, read the article by North East Regional Communications Adviser: Rachael Gillbanks