N8 AgriFood presents at OIE global conference

N8 AgriFood has joined leaders around the world in calling for global attention toward AMR as part of a dedicated conference by the World Organisation for Animal Health.

Professor Jonathan Rushton, pictured right, N8 AgriFood’s chair at the University of Liverpool, was invited to give a presentation at the OIE’s 2nd conference on Antimicrobial Resistence in Morrocco last week.

The conference was held in Marrakech from 29th to 31st October, and saw political, industrial and academic leaders come together to discuss national action plans aimed at controlling the use of antimicrobials in order address the global rise of antimicrobial resistance in the animal farming sector.

Professor Rushton presented the findings of several research projects compiled under the N8 AgriFood programme for a talk focussed on the use of economics for selecting interventions and policies.

You can view video footage from the conference HERE, with Professor Rushton’s presentation starting 1hr 11min in.