N8 AgriFood movers and shakers

With an immense amount of activity under our belt since the N8 AgriFood Programme started in 2015, we are now looking for an exceptional Operations Director with a comprehensive understanding of the funding landscape to manage a dynamic team taking our activities to the next level.

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Highlights of the N8 AgriFood Resilience Programme to date:

  • We have brought together a community of over 650 researchers working in agri-food across the N8 institutions, complemented by a network of 220 PhD students
  • We have implemented two main mechanisms for funding new projects; the Strategic Pump Priming Scheme and the Local Pump Priming Schemes. Together £2.5m has been specifically budgeted to pump prime new activity over the course of the programme. Over £700k has been awarded to catalyse new interdisciplinary collaborations across the N8 and with external stakeholders
  • 31 collaborative projects involving researchers across the N8 have been funded. These projects as well as being N2+ involve industry, non-N8 universities, international organisations and international universities. Twelve of these projects have been awarded a total of £6.9m by external funders.