N8 AgriFood launches doctoral seminar on sustainable food systems

N8 AgriFood are working on a doctoral training progamme, and as part of this we are launching a seminar at the University of York 16th October to coincide with World Food Day. The seminar is aimed at doctoral students from the N8 universities in both natural science and social science disciplines carrying out research within the broad topic of agri-food. It is the first in a series of seminars run by the N8 AgriFood programme (n8agrifood.ac.uk) designed to provide networking opportunities as well as exposure to interdisciplinary research and challenges across the agri-food spectrum: sustainable food production, resilient and just supply chains and improved consumption & health.
Professor Doherty, PI of IKnowFood and N8 AgriFood Chair says: “The global food system is under enormous strain – climate change and a range of other factors, including an anticipated population growth (over 9 billion by 2050) and the degradation of ecosystems is making it increasingly difficult to meet the global demand for food in a sustainable way. At N8 AgriFood we are training the next generation of food system thinkers, and this event is a great opportunity for PhD students to position themselves to influence future global system resilience discourse, while preparing themselves for a challenging career in the fast growing agri-food sector – academia or industry.
More information and register here