N8 AgriFood is on show at this week’s Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition

N8 AgriFood, in partnership with the STFC Food Network+, and the University of Manchester is hosting our exhibit “Take a bite out of climate change” at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition, which started today and runs until Sunday 7th July.

The Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition is the UK’s annual display of its most cutting edge science and technology, with the week-long event featuring 22 exhibits of hands on demonstrations, thought-provoking talks and jaw-dropping demonstrations.

Our exhibit focuses on how primary food production, food processing and consumer food choices contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. We are highlight some key examples of innovations to improve sustainability in these areas.

Visitors to our stand can take the Climate Food Challenge; an interactive game testing knowledge of the varying levels of green house gas emissions produced by different foods. You can play the game yourself HERE

Within our exhibit we’re delighted to be able to showcase innovation in food production by the National Centre of Food Manufacturing at the University of Lincoln, Entocycle, LettUs Grow and Hodmedod’s with underpinning research from the Universities of Lancaster, Sheffield, Manchester and others.

To coincide with the exhibition, the team behind the Take A Bite Out of Climate Change has jointly released a news piece, investigating the environmental impacts of a traditional bbq, and how you can reduce the green house gas emissions. Read more HERE

We are supported in this by an Advisory Board comprised of key stakeholders from this research area and we have engaged a fantastic group of Expert Communicators who will bring to life our key messages for visitors to the exhibit over the week.

To find out more visit the Take A Bite website .