There are three farms owned and operated by the University with activity also taking place in other places. Facilities include laboratories, glasshouses, animal accommodation and open fields. There is an automatic weather station relaying data to a dedicated computer.

The farms are situated close to Bramham between the A1 and the A64, 13 miles from the University campus and roughly equidistant between Leeds and York:

  • Headley Hall, the main arable centre
  • Spen Farm, which houses the Pig Research Unit
  • Wise Warren, originally a dairy farm and now owned by the University, is 263 ha (630 acres), the majority of which is in arable and the remainder as grass. Hedgerows, many of which are hawthorn only, though some are shrub rich and likely to be pre-enclosure, bound the fields. There are only a few small copses planted by the commercial farm but there are two long-term agro-forestry experiments comprising trees grown in rows through arable crops and some small woodland blocks acting as forestry controls.

A considerable amount of ecological and agronomic work is carried out at the farms including crop pests, field trials of GM crops, small mammals (including radio-tracking), beneficial insects, trees and crops, intercropping and farm animal nutrition.

299.19 Ha based on RLR areas excluding the farmsteads.

  • Research facilities for poultry and indoor, outdoor pigs, as part of CIEL;
  • Arable and permanent pasture, with farm woodlands and hedgerows, under commercial management
  • Critical Zone Observatory infrastructure under development, including COSMOS soil moisture sensor
  • Experimental studies for interactions between crop management and soil function
  • NIAB trials centre

Farm Manager: Dr. George Sorensen, Field Research Unit Manager; Office: (01132) 811285; Mobile (work): (07482) 788836
Spen Common Lane, Tadcaster, LS24 9NS