N8 AgriFood has substantial expertise in land management and agri-environment schemes, developing projects and collecting evidence surrounding best practice for conservation and sustainable land use.

Academics from across the programme are leading a number of projects that investigate and support the adoption of Payment for Ecosystem Services schemes and Environmental Land Management Schemes.

Peatland Protection

A team of academics from Newcastle University and the University of Leeds worked on the Peatlands Tipping Point project, which provided evidence to support the creation of the UK’s first Peatland Code scheme, and has led to the promotion of similar initiatives by United Nations conventions and agencies. The research has been instrumental in shaping and monitoring implementation of an International Union for the Conservation of Nature Motion, leading to the creation of new peatland policies in at least ten countries, and the integration of private-public partnerships in the United Nations’ Global Peatland Initiative.  

Landscape Enterprise Networks

The Landscape Enterprise Network approach was developed by 3Keel and Business in the Community with Nestle, who collectively established a programme which harnesses commercial interest in how landscapes function to drive investment and innovation around strategic assets like soils, aquifers, access infrastructure, habitats and tree cover. N8 AgriFood leads a collaboration under the LENs initiative called Resilient Dairy Landscapes involving Newcastle University, the University of Leeds and the University of Liverpool, funded by the Global Food Security Programme

Key outputs of this policy topics are shown below: