The N8 AgriFood programme combines world-leading multidisciplinary research and translational capabilities to respond to the global challenge of food security. Our mission is to influence changes in agrifood and environmental policy and practice. Our vision is to have established and recognised international collaborations in agrifood research and innovation across the N8.


We achieve our vision by focusing on collaborations with China, USA and Argentina that also benefit Middle and Lower Income Countries. Our strategy rests on the six values in the heart of the programme: collaboration, expertise, growth, leadership, prosperity, recognition. We strive to be leaders in international research and innovation in agrifood and to be recognised as such.


N8 AgriFood has organised outgoing and incoming missions to and from all strategic geographic areas, thereby we increase the programme’s visibility and the opportunities for international exposure of the individual N8 institutions. We achieve this through our regular and long-term engagement with the FCO’s Science and Innovation Network and other government departments such as BEIS and DIT.

Global Challenges

N8 AgriFood aligns with several of the UN’s Sustainable Goals.


Professor Steve Banwart

Resilient Supply Chains and International Lead

Marianna Ventouratou-Morys

International Strategy Manager

For more information on N8 AgriFood’s international activity, please contact or one of the key contacts: