The N8 AgriFood programme combines world-leading multidisciplinary research and translational capabilities to respond to the global challenge of food security. The programme aligns with several of the UN’s Sustainable Goals deriving its strength from interdisciplinary research across its main three themes.

The N8 AgriFood programme works with existing international collaborators of the N8 institutions and aims to foster new large scale, long-term collaborations. We are working with:

  • The Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s Science and Innovation Network
  • The Department for International Trade
  • The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

In our endeavours we are working closely with foreign governments and partnering with national research institutes, research centres and universities, international organisations, networks and NGOs to actively build partnerships and combine expertise for the benefit of farmers, business and consumers.

Professor Steve Banwart

Resilient Supply Chains and International Lead

Marianna Ventouratou-Morys

International Strategy Manager

For more information on N8 AgriFood’s international activity, please contact or one of the key contacts: