Sheffield based Grobotic Systems was founded in 2018 by plant geneticist Dr Alexis Moschopoulos and electronics engineer Richard Banks, with the aim of developing their innovative plant growth chamber to empower plant science research around the world. Plant growth chambers are crucial for plant science research but unfortunately for scientists, current chambers are costly, cumbersome, and not fit for purpose. Realising the need the company invented a new class of plant growth chamber; a highly instrumented, internet connected machine that combines the space-saving of vertical farming with the precision and accuracy of scientific equipment.

Grobotic Systems is currently leading a consortium funded by Innovate UK, with partners at Fraunhofer CAP, Stockbridge Technology Centre, and the University of Sheffield. Funded as part of the Transforming Food Production Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, this project is developing an advanced growth chamber for the rapid optimisation of vertical farming systems (AGROVerRSe). Advanced technologies include a multispectral imaging system, a spectrum tunable LED array and an enhanced environmental control module. The advanced chamber will let users carry out large scale, multivariable experiments to identify optimised plant growth “recipes,” helping to make vertical farming more efficient and profitable.

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