What are Industry Innovation Forums?

IIFs are facilitated workshops bringing together researchers working on business critical areas such as supplu chains, livestock, antimicrobial resistance, agri-tech data, digital innovation and nutrition, with industry, technology  companies, engineers, farmers, vets, policy makers, NGOs and others (depending on the subject area).

The aim is to catalyse and develop collaborative research projects between industry and the N8 universities. We follow up on all forum activity, and actively involve signed up partners in identified project groups which are externally or internally funded. 

Previous Industry Innovation Forums include

Get involved

  • Are you a business facing specific issues which would benefit from N8 research expertise?
  • Would you like to explore how we can create a bespoke event for your organisation or attend one of our upcoming Industry innovation Forums?
  • Are you an N8 academic interested in discussing creating an IIF with N8 AgriFood?

If so, please contact:
Malou Lindholm,
Events & Business Engagement Manager,
T: +44 (0)1904 328937
E: malou.lindholm@n8agrifood.ac.uk


If you are an academic within the N8 universities who would like to do an event with N8 AgriFood please download the Industry innovation Forum request form below. Please send it to Malou Lindholm who will review and respond as soon as possible: