Has starvation become a weapon of war?

A report  into the use of starvation as a weapon of war, aired on international broadcasting network Al Jazeera, included expert analysis from N8 AgriFood Knowledge Exchange Fellow Dr Justa Hopma.

The feature, filmed for the network’s Inside Story programme, investigated the topic after a report from Save the Children highlighted the use of hunger as a weapon in some of the world’s worst conflicts, revealing that one child living in a war zone may die of hunger every minute.

In her contribution Dr Hopma, who is an N8-funded research fellow at the University of Sheffield, talked about the systematic reproduction of inequality in today’s food system.

Click here to view the interview.

Dr. Justa Hopma works as a research fellow on the Global Food Justice project at Sheffield University’s Department of Politics, funded by N8 Agrifood. Her role is to shed light upon how civil society and activists in the global North and South are resisting injustices relating to the environmental and social impacts of food systems. Her work seeks to connect theories of justice to ethical practice by focusing on the voices of Bolivian women who are active in agro-ecology. In addition, Justa receives British Academy funding for a project entitled “The militarisation of food provisioning in the Arab region”. The first stage of this research involves archival research on Egypt and Jordan. The second phase investigates contemporary military involvement in food provisioning in Jordan.