Improving crop protection – Sheffield’s P3 scientists awarded £1 million

Improving crop protection

P3 scientists awarded £1 million from the Wolfson Foundation.


Scientists from the Plant Production and Protection (P3) Centre at the University of Sheffield have been awarded £1 million from the Wolfson Foundation.

The funding will be used to establish a state-of-the-art facility for selecting crop varieties that express durable resistance to pests and diseases.

The P3 Centre aims to stimulate development of sustainable agriculture by taking world-class fundamental research to the farm field and solving many of the challenges currently faced in the agri-food sector, for example the necessity to increase agricultural output while simultaneously increasing its sustainability and resilience of crops against climate change.

Through its Futures 2022 project, the University of Sheffield has been investing in new equipment for the P3 Centre including controlled environment rooms, which can mimic different environments from tropical to polar conditions, and a remote scanning platform that can detect disease in crops at an early stage.

The new Wolfson Foundation funding will allow the P3 Centre to further invest in its disease phenotyping facilities, including new microscopy equipment, state-of-the art DNA sequencing equipment and mass spectrometers for high-throughput analysis of plant metabolites.

For more information please see the University of Sheffield press release.