Growing practitioner and academic partnerships

With food partnerships flourishing in regions across the UK, there is growing interest and timely focus on driving innovation and best practice in all aspects of a healthy, more equitable and sustainable food system.

Hands shaking to show working in partnershipEngagement between researchers and practitioners working across related themes is also growing.

This engagement can occur on many levels ranging from motivated academics who are personally involved in partnerships through to formal collaboration between universities and partnerships.

There is also a growing interest from researchers wanting to study the Sustainable Food Places approach itself, as well as opportunities for practitioners to become involved in shaping the research questions and for research to support changing practice.

This collaboration call seeks to address the need identified by practitioners wanting to be involved in shaping research questions that support changing practice.

Our intention is to organise an event that will offer a space for practitioners and academics to discuss the opportunities and challenges from different perspectives.

Topics suggested for exploration currently include:

  • Food partnerships and research: co-designing collaboration
  • How can food partnerships leverage support from their local academic institutions?
  • Why and how to access research and make connections?
  • What are the opportunities and challenges for collaboration and how to make it work?
  • We welcome your ideas and participation in shaping this event.

Please contact Rachel Marshall ( with suggested topics, related research or for further information.