The Programme Steering Group is responsible for determining short-to medium-term objectives in the context of the External Advisory Board’s recommendations and meets 6 times a year at venues across the N8 region.

The PSG is Chaired by the programme’s PI Academic and comprises: the programme’s Academic Lead and Business Development and Operations Director; the 3 Theme Leads; Academic Leads from each of the 8 institutions; a representative from the N8 Partnership and members of the Secretariat to facilitate the meeting as appropriate.

Steering Group Members:

Professor Deborah Smith

The University of York

Professor Katherine Denby

The University of York

Professor Steve Banwart

The University of Leeds

Professor Jason Halford

The University of Liverpool

Professor Ari Sadanandom

Durham University

Professor John Quinton

Lancaster University

Professor Louise Dye

The University of Leeds

Professor Angharad Gatehouse

Newcastle University

Professor Bruce Grieve

The University of Manchester

Professor Duncan Cameron

The University of Sheffield

Professor Bob Doherty

The University of York

Professor Diana Williams

The University of Liverpool

Dr Nick Goldspink

N8 Partnership Representative