Good governance of the Programme is ensured through a number of groups which meet at regular intervals, and overall, the Programme reports through to the N8 Executive Management Group to ensure alignment with the overall N8 Research Partnership Strategy.  This comprises senior representatives of each N8 university of Pro-Vice Chancellor level (or equivalent).

In addition, more direct governance of the Programme is assured through the following groups:

External Advisory Board (EAB)

The EAB functions as a ‘trusted friend’ to the Programme, providing strategic advice to ensure N8 AgriFood meets its objectives.  The EAB meets 1-2 times a year, comprising senior leaders from across a wide range of agri-food related sectors.  

Programme Steering Group (PSG)

The PSG meets 6 times a year at venues across the N8 region. The PSG is Chaired by the programme’s PI Prof. Debbie Smith (University of York Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research) and comprises the programme’s Academic Director, Operations Director, Theme Leads, Academic Leads from each of the 8 institutions, a representative from the N8 Partnership and members of the Secretariat to facilitate the meeting as appropriate.

Programme Operations Group

The Operations Group also meets six times a year, alternating with the Programme Steering Group.  The Operations Group ensure the success measures and outputs are realised by determining short – medium term objectives in the context of the Steering Group recommendations.  

The Operations Group comprises the three Theme Leads with the Academic Director and the N8 AgriFood Secretariat.