Systems of food production, trade and consumption are increasingly vulnerable to interconnected political, economic and ecological shocks and stresses associated with climate and environmental changes, shifts in farming practices, uneven power dynamics and consumer lifestyle changes.

N8 AgriFood’s unique collaboration of eight universities, and its multidisciplinary approach covering social and physical sciences, enables us to offer a full systems approach to solving food chain challenges.

Much of the Food Systems work undertaken within N8 AgriFood sits alongside our sister project IKnowFood (IKF). Led by N8 AgriFood chair Professor Bob Doherty, IKnowFood is a four year project with collaborators from across the University of York and the Universities of Liverpool and Manchester, funded by the Global Food Security Programme.

The IKF team are also actively training early career researchers in the UK and internationally in food systems approaches to embed systems thinking into the next generation of researchers and food professionals. Read more….

Outputs of the IKnowFood’s Food Systems research include: