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N8 AgriFood Seminar – Sustainability and Recycling of Packaging

University of Leeds

Seminar to be presented by Dr Marco Lucisano, Senior Vice President, RISE, and hosted by N8 AgriFood Chair Professor Louise Dye

Date: Monday 18 November

Time: 1-2pm

Location: University of Leeds, Psychology 1:33/34

About this event:

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Dr Marco Lucisano will be visiting Leeds on Monday 18 November and during the visit will be delivering a seminar entitled

“Sustainability and Recycling of Packaging”

Towards a circular economy

Business and society are in the process of developing from a linear (and often fossil-based) society, where products are produced, used and then thrown away, to a biobased and circular society where “waste” as we think of it today does not exist and where all material find a new use once it has served its initial purpose.

RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, with the faculty of Forestry at the Technical University in Zvolen, Slovakia and the CHARMED Consortium recently surveyed 3.500 consumers from the United States, Sweden, Germany, Slovakia, Italy, China and Brazil, targeting mainly the digitally-savvy urban middle class. We investigated peoples’ view on the materials we use in everyday life, ranging from long-time applications to packaging and single-use items. When we asked respondents about measures to make the world more sustainable, the single most appreciated change would be more effective systems for material recycling. This indicates a (positive) bias in favor of recycling among urban dwellers.

Sustainability is a major driver among developers of packaging solutions, resulting in new materials, new designs and new concepts with physical and digital elements. Whereas individual stakeholders can introduce novel solutions, changes in larger ecosystems have often larger and more profound impact. This presentation explores examples of drivers of packaging innovations and novel solutions for a more sustainable packaging cycle.

This N8 Agrifood Seminar is free of charge to attend, but registration is required

Marco Lucisano is Senior Vice President, Bioeconomy at RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden, where he has worked since 1998. Marco also has an interim role as head of the Built Environment division at RISE. Marco has a MSc in Chemical Engineering and PhD in Pulp and Paper Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm. The focus of Marco’s activities is on foresight-driven innovation and on developing opportunities that arise when scientific and technical breakthroughs meet trends, driving forces and challenges in society.