Please note this event has already taken place

N8 AgriFood Doctoral Seminar – Fixing our broken nutrient cycles

Lancaster University

Join us in Lancaster for the sixth event in N8 AgriFood Doctoral Seminar series where we will be taking a broad look at how we use nutrients in our food system.

Human activity has had devastating effects on global nutrient cycles taking us way beyond the ‘safe operating space’ highlighted in the concept of planetary boundaries. The food system contributes significantly to this issue and this workshop will cover the multiple aspects of our nutrient cycles covering food production, environmental pollution, human nutrition and waste. Through this workshop we will explore the opportunities, challenges and key actors and actions in transforming to more sustainable nutrient use in food systems.

Workshop speakers and facilitators include:

Jim Elser, Louise Dye, Claire Waterton, Mariana Rufino, Ian Dodd, Jess Davies, Rachel Marshall, Katerina Psarikidou

Event Agenda:

12.00-1.00: Arrive and lunch

1.00-2.00: Introductory talks and panel discussion setting out the environmental and social issues relating to our broken nutrient cycles

2.00-2.30: Coffee/Tea and Networking

2.30-3.30: Fixing our broken nutrient cycles: A hands-on activity where participants will propose and critique approaches to fixing our nutrient cycles.

3.30-4.15: Group presentations and feedback

4.15-4.30: Closing discussion