N8 AgriFood launches Food Systems collection with digital publisher Emerald

N8 AgriFood has teamed up with digital publisher Emerald to launch a Food Systems collection on the Emerald Open Research platform.

Emerald Publishing launched its Open Research platform as a new and pioneering way of rapidly publishing a range of research outputs, from original research articles to case studies and date notes. With open peer review controlled by the author and an open date policy, the aim was to make research available to ready, download and reuse, reaching a truly global audience.

Research is published under Emerald’s six gateways, which are aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and also under collections which are compilations of content relating to a specific community, institution, academic society or conference.

N8 AgriFood has now launched its own collection with Emerald Open Research, where it is publishing a series of articles showcasing how research across the programme is contributing to change in food system sustainability and resilience. The collection will act as an output for the N8 AgriFood Food Systems Policy Hub.

Anthonia James, Operations Director for N8 AgriFood said: “N8 AgriFood offers a multidisciplinary approach to solving food challenges by taking a full systems approach when investigating solutions.

“N8 AgriFood’s collection exemplifies how by taking into consideration the entire food system, the programme’s research and expertise is well positioned to shape policy that can affect meaningful change to ensure the resilience and future sustainability of food production, food supply and food consumption both domestically and on a wider international scale. 

“Papers in the collection explore some of the many varied areas of expertise within N8 AgriFood, demonstrating how the programme’s eight member institutions have worked with Government, industry and the third sector to feed evidence-based policy recommendations through to the N8 AgriFood Food Systems Policy Hub.’

View the N8 AgriFood collection on Emerald Open Research HERE.