The N8 AgriFood Steering Group is chaired by Professor Matthias Ruth, Pro-Vice Chancellor for Research at York. Academic Leads and Chairs from each N8 university form the N8 AgriFood Steering Group, and are responsible for providing academic leadership, actively working to build collaborations and drive initiatives. Dr Nick Goldspink also joins the steering group from the N8 Research Partnership.

Professor Matthias Ruth

N8 AgriFood Steering Group Chair

Dr Nick Goldspink

N8 Partnership Representative

Professor Bob Doherty

Chair, University of York

Professor Katherine Denby

Academic Lead, University of York

Professor Louise Dye

Chair and Academic Lead, University of Leeds

Professor David Johnson

Chair, University of Manchester

Professor Sarah Bridle

Academic Lead, University of Manchester

Professor Mike Crang

Academic Lead, Durham University

Professor Ari Sadanandom

Chair, Durham University

Professor Tim Daniell

Academic Lead, University of Sheffield

Professor Bhavani Shankar

Chair, University of Sheffield

Professor Angharad Gatehouse

Academic Lead, Newcastle University

Professor Jonathan Rushton

Chair, University of Liverpool

Dr Jorge Hernandez

Academic Lead, University of Liverpool

Professor Mariana Rufino

Chair and Academic Lead, Lancaster University

The N8 AgriFood Food Systems Policy Hub is under the directorship of Professor Bob Doherty, University of York, with a supporting operations team.

Professor Bob Doherty

Policy Hub Director

Anthonia James

Operations Director

Belinda Morris

Policy Hub Manager

Laura Knowlson

Communications Manager